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We are always on the lookout for the best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos to share with our player community. All casinos listed on this site are reviewed by our independent editors to make sure they meet our strict standards. You can also play a number of free bitcoin casino games right here. Games include Video Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and more.

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Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin also referred to as BTC, is one of the first and original crypto-currencies that has very recently hit the headlines in terms of sending and receiving payments for daily goods and virtual items such as online gambling. One of the biggest differences when you compare Bitcoin to other fiat currencies such as US Dollar, Pound or Euro is that it has no central bank that controls and monitors the currency. The price of Bitcoin BTC is controlled purely by demand and supply of Bitcoins in circulation.

Only recently in 2014 did Bitcoin really gain momentum when some huge US retailers announced they would start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Many surveys have been held by companies and large retailers and some state that “8% of US Retailers Plan to Accept Bitcoin in the next 12 months. And as you can imagine, the online gambling industry are one of the pioneers with offering Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal option for US players and global players around the world.

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When it comes to selection of Bitcoin casino games, because its still a relatively new way to play, the availability of games is still limited. As the BTC gambling genre grows we are confident that more software and game providers will enter the fold. For now the list is limited to a handful and these include some major names such as Microgaming, Betsoftgaming, Softswiss and a few others. In terms of the types of games they include the major categories such as:


Still the most popular game to play even in the world of BTC gambling. Most Bitcoin casinos offer a pretty large selection of slot games ranging from 3-reel to 5-reel types and up to 50-paylines depending on the game. most are between 15-25 paylines. In most cases, the payouts for Bitcoin slots are similar to payouts for fiat currency casinos. There are however some Bitcoin gambling software providers that claim their payouts are higher then standard fiat currency casinos in the online and offline gambling world. FOr offline casinos this is probably the case but the jury is still out on whether the payouts (Return to Player) for bitcoin slots are in fact better then for fiat currency casinos.


Blackjack was one of the first casino games to adopt Bitcoin gambling in a big way. The concept they mainly adopted was Provably fair gaming whereby players could independently verify that each outcome of a blackjack hand was totally fair. This concept then spread to other casino games but it first started with Blackjack. Some say the second most popular type of casino game behind the slots.


Mainly loved because it is one of the most simplest casino games around. Similar to other numbers games, players select a combination of numbers on the table and depending on which number and how much they bet will determine their payout as per roulette types i.e. European Roulette or American Roulette. Some say Bitcoin roulette has better payouts then fiat currency roulette games but its difficult to see how this could be the case in a fixed odds betting type format such as Roulette.

Video Poker

Last but not least are the poker games. More specifically Video Poker which mainly caters for those avid video poker junkies out there. Typical formats include Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and various others. IF you love playing normal video poker at a land based or normal online casino then no doubt you will love it just as much at Bitcoin casinos that offer video poker games.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games offer something similar to the concept of Bitcoin casinos. The reason being is they both try to make the odds more fair and completely try to remove any chance of casinos cheating players. It addresses the age old concern with online gambling where by players dont trust the RNG systems of the games so would rather play at land based casinos where they can see every card dealt and every card turned. Live dealers addresses this issue and has really grown over the last 5 years. Now with Live deal bitcoin casinos, players can see every card turned and know that each bet made with Bitcoin is even more secure.

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Provably Fair

One of the biggest reasons a lot of players play at Bitcoin casinos is that many of them offer what is called “Provably Fair” casino games. This concept is a breakthrough for Bitcoin (BTC) gambling plus its definitely something the regulated and unregulated world of online gambling could learn to do. In a nutshell: For each bet or wager their is a unique Bet ID. A player can take this ID and verify that the outcome was what it should have been.

This concept is ground breaking for the world of online gambling never mind offline gambling institutions such as Las Vegas or Macau. In contrast to these which only offer fiat currencies, Provably fair gaming gives the power back to the player in every respect as every single bet they make can be “INDEPENDENTLY” verified. It could solve the age old problem of gambling cheats, dodgy casinos and all the other bad eggs that have popped up over the years.

Bitcoin Online Gambling

The marriage of Bitcoin and the world of online gambling is a natural one in our opinion. Both are still heavily self regulated. And in both instances there are good and bad players. By and large though the self regulation approach has worked and all these principles set up and implemented in the dark days on online gambling are now being used by the licensed countries to run their gaming enterprises. One of the biggest reasons these two so well together is because it makes the entire process completely anonymous. Players dont need to worry about their online gambling accounts being compromised as Bitcoin is pretty much totally secure.

Ultimately though the biggest attraction for gambling and Bitcoins is that it is not constrained by legal boundaries as much as with regulated gambling markets. For example, in the States its illegal to gamble online and the authorities and the banks can go after players. With Bitcoin its now extremely difficult for big brother to link the actual transactions to a single identifiable person.

You may want to consider as well that Bitcoin gambling does not just cover online casinos, it includes betting on sports game such as baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and more. Sports betting particularly in the US is a billion dollar a year industry and now that you can bet online and use bitcoin to pay and receive your winnings, its the ultimate cryptocurrency-gambling arrangement. IF bitcoin casinos are not your thing, check out the latest craze taking the online betting world by storm, esports betting

REVOLUTIONARY: The digital currency, Bitcoin is a true game changer when it comes to online gambling and general e-commerce transactions. Bitcoin payments are irreversible (i.e. no chargebacks). They can be easily processed with very low fees. Plus, apart from the exchanges there are no intermediaries for Bitcoin to function.

EXCHANGERS ARE THE KEY: Those who have followed bitcoin may have seen the dramatic rise and fall of the valuation of this digital currency compared to fiat currencies (i.e. USD, EUR etc.). Essentially, Bitcoin is a closed system. To buy-in or to cash-out with Bitcoins, you need to complete an exchange. Someone or some group willing to exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin, or vice-versa at an agreed exchange rate. Many businesses aren’t interested in holding a significant amount of bitcoins due to exchange fluctuations and need an exchanger to help them convert bitcoins into their chosen fiat currency. Many popular Bitcoin exchanges are under the same money transmitter laws and regulations that may prevent a business from being accepted by these exchangers. The problem has never been the inability to trade bitcoins, but the difficulty in finding an exchanger that could work within the online gambling industry.

THE TIME FOR BITCOIN IS NOW: Fortunately, the opportunities for Bitcoin have never been better. The Bitcoin infrastructure has matured, reputable companies and online casinos have formed to fill niche markets and some government regulators have allowed Bitcoin a place within their markets. Bitcoin should be a part of every e-commerce system as it offers you a whole range of possibilities. The time for bitcoin is now.